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ABCD's Role In Colorado

ABCD’s goal is to reach 25% of Colorado’s young children by 2024.

ABCD Expands HealthySteps Statewide

The HealthySteps National Office at ZERO TO THREE (National Office) advances HealthySteps growth, sustainability, and fidelity across the country. 

The National Office works closely with ABCD and recognizes it as the State Intermediary for HealthySteps in Colorado. The National Office strongly encourages interested practices in Colorado to collaborate with ABCD as they explore and implement HealthySteps across the state. 

ABCD advances HealthySteps in Colorado by partnering with the National Office to:

  • Expand the program by identifying potential new sites 

  • Help new sites to estimate program costs and secure community and site-specific funding sources

  • Provide onboarding, training, technical assistance and ongoing professional development to participating practices

  • Support sites in achieving fidelity to the HealthySteps® model

  • Gather and evaluate data to assess the impact of HealthySteps on reducing health care costs and promoting the health and well-being of participating families, babies and young children in Colorado

  • Advocate with local, community, and state leaders for HealthySteps expansion and sustainability across the state  

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