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Explore the Benefits of HealthySteps

The HealthySteps National Office at ZERO TO THREE (National Office) advances HealthySteps growth, sustainability, and fidelity across the nation. 


The National Office recognizes ABCD as the program lead for HealthySteps in Colorado and strongly encourages interested practices to collaborate with ABCD as they explore HealthySteps implementation across the state.  ABCD works hand-in-hand with the National Office and pediatric primary care providers to help you decide if HealthySteps is right for your practice.
HealthySteps can be implemented in pediatric and primary care practices that serve families with children ages 0-3. Busy physicians report a number of benefits from participating in HealthySteps, including:

·       Enhancing their ability to meet the comprehensive needs of children and families through an evidence-based, team-based approach to patient care

·       Growing the number of satisfied parents who remain with the practice*

·       Increasing the number of children who receive timely well-child visits, screenings and vaccinations

·       Explore more HealthySteps outcomes at

The Process

The exploration process begins with a learning session with ABCD at your practice. During this session, ABCD staff will describe the HealthySteps program in detail and explain the National Office’s onboarding process. 


Among the questions you’ll want to consider are whether you’re ready to:

  • Select a Physician Champion to support HealthySteps within your practice

  • Secure funding for a HealthySteps Specialist, onboarding and training (ABCD will assist with identifying potential funding sources)

  • Commit to integrating a HealthySteps Specialist into your practice through a team-based approach to patient care

From there, ABCD will support you in completing the National Office’s process, starting with the National Office interest form, discussions with ABCD and the National Office, completing Network Agreements, and then training, the HealthySteps Institute, conducted by ABCD and the National Office. This approach saves you time and allows ABCD and the National Office to customize training to your community and team. 


After training, your site will not only receive continued support from ABCD but also access to experts at the National Office and several resources from HealthySteps and ZERO TO THREE.

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