Parents' confidence and competence in their parenting skills are increased when a HealthySteps® Specialist is there to help guide them. 

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Evaluating The Impact

HealthySteps® Families

In Colorado, HealthySteps® sites are located across the state serving a full range of communities and families. Although HealthySteps® is a population-based model that can be integrated into any pediatric primary care practice, HealthySteps® sites serve a high number of families with at least one of six risk factors that indicate a greater need for family support to promote healthy child development.

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HealthySteps® Outcomes

HealthySteps® is an evidence-based, team-based program that has demonstrated positive outcomes for children and their families. For example, national evaluations have shown that:

  • Children enrolled in HealthySteps® are more likely to receive timely well-child visits, screenings and vaccinations.


(To learn more about national evaluations of the HealthySteps® program, visit the national website.)

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HealthySteps® is making a difference for children and families in Colorado as well. Since 2013, HealthySteps® has served more than 2,852 Colorado children. Enrolled families have the opportunity to receive services and support from HealthySteps® Specialists at 13 well-child visits during the first three years of a child's life.

As a result, a high percentage of HealthySteps® families receive recommended child development screenings and ongoing support for common parenting challenges.


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