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Program Model


Photo courtesy of ZERO TO THREE

HealthySteps focuses on the first three years of a child’s life when brain development is most critical.

Addressing Early
Childhood Needs

Babies’ brains grow faster from ages 0-3 than any point in life and pediatric primary care is a trusted source of information for parents during these critical years. Yet, pediatric primary care physicians have an impossibly long list of services to provide during a well-child visit that can last just 15 minutes. HealthySteps provides tailored support for common and complex concerns that physicians often lack time to address, such as: behavior, sleep, feeding, attachment, parental depression, social determinants of health, and adapting to life with a baby or toddler. The entire practice works together to implement the HealthySteps model.


Photo courtesy of ZERO TO THREE

HealthySteps is Personalized, Relationship-based Care

HealthySteps Specialists partner with parents and the primary care team to identify concerns around development and family needs.  They offer support strategies and anticipatory guidance, and link to community resources.  HealthySteps Specialists partner with families, primary care providers and community members to provide holistic care.


At its heart, HealthySteps is a relationship-based approach that strengthens connections between parents and children and with the pediatric practice.

As a result, physicians report greater satisfaction with the quality of care they can offer to give babies and young children a strong start to life.

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