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HealthySteps® focuses on the first three years of a child’s life because they are especially critical.

Meeting Early Childhood Needs

Babies’ brains grow faster from ages 0-3 than any point in life and pediatric primary care is a trusted source of information for parents during these critical years. Yet, pediatric primary care physicians have an impossibly long list of services to provide during a well-child visit that can last just 15 minutes. HealthySteps®  provides tailored support for common and complex concerns that physicians often lack time to address, such as: behavior, sleep, feeding, attachment, parental depression, social determinants of health, and adapting to life with a baby or toddler. The entire practice works together to implement the HealthySteps® model.


Photo courtesy of ZERO TO THREE®


Photo courtesy of ZERO TO THREE®

Offering Personalized,

Relationship-Based Care

In partnership with parents, HealthySteps® Specialists coordinate early childhood screenings, discuss practical ways to implement pediatric recommendations and help parents navigate any child-rearing challenges they experience. HealthySteps® Specialists also offer on-demand support between well-child visits and can even coordinate care and offer referrals to other community resources. In many cases, HealthySteps® Specialists offer home visits as well.


At its heart, HealthySteps® is a relationship-based approach that strengthens connections between parents and children and with the pediatric practice.

As a result, physicians report greater satisfaction with the quality of care they can offer to give babies and young children a strong start to life.

  • Child developmental and social-emotional/behavioral screening.​

  • Family needs screening.​

  • Access to child development support line.

Tier 1: Universal Services
  • Development and behavior consult with HealthySteps® Specialist.

  • Care coordination and systems navigation services.

  • Positive parenting guidance.

  • Early Learning Resources.

Tier 2: Short-term Services

Ongoing, preventive, team-based well-child visits, during which both the HealthySteps® Specialists and primary care providers meet with families. 

Tier 3: Comprehensive  Services

By offering comprehensive, team-based care, HealthySteps® connects families to the information, tools and resources they need to raise healthy families. To learn more about the core components, visit the national HealthySteps® program, or contact ABCD at 720.748.7702.

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