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Parents' confidence and competence in their parenting skills are increased when a HealthySteps Specialist is there to help guide them. 

Photo courtesy of ZERO TO THREE

HealthySteps in Colorado

HealthySteps Families

In Colorado, HealthySteps sites are located across the state serving a full range of communities and families. Although HealthySteps is a population-based model that can be integrated into any pediatric primary care practice, HealthySteps sites serve a high number of families with at least one of six risk factors that indicate a greater need for family support to promote healthy child development.

Child Impacts

HealthySteps improves child health and well-being by supporting development and promoting timely and continued care.

Increased breastfeeding rates

Increased vaccination rates


Family Impacts

HealthySteps improves family health and supports a child’s early learning and overall well-being.

Healthy birth spacing


Practice and Provider Impacts

HealthySteps supports pediatric primary care practices to improve their patients’ experience.


HealthySteps has a positive impact on provider satisfaction, practice quality, and efficiency, all of which can contribute to provider burnout and staff turnover. 


HealthySteps Benefits

HealthySteps is linked to significantly positive outcomes for children, their families, and the physicians
and practices who serve them. Benefits have been found in eight key outcome areas:

1.Child Health & Development
2.Breastfeeding & Early Nutrition
3. Parenting Knowledge & Practices
4. Parent & Physician Satisfaction
5. Maternal Depression
6. Early Literacy & School Readiness
7. Child Safety
8. Connections to Resources

Courtesy of ZERO TO THREE

HealthySteps Outcomes

HealthySteps is an evidence-based, team-based program that has demonstrated positive outcomes for children and their families. For example, national evaluations have shown that:

  • Children enrolled in HealthySteps are more likely to receive timely well-child visits, screenings and vaccinations.

  • Mothers with depressive symptoms reported fewer symptoms after being 3 months in the program.

  • Mothers reported feeling more supported to breastfeed and breastfed for longer than the minimum 6 months by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 


(To learn more about national evaluations of the HealthySteps program, visit the national website.)

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