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Scaling Plan

Giving All Colorado
Children an Equal Opportunity to Thrive.


"It’s just knowing that there’s somebody there to help support you with what you’re going through.” -HealthySteps Parent 

Photo courtesy of ZERO TO THREE


We are committed to equitable access to HealthySteps in both urban and rural regions of the state.  Where do you fit into this plan?  We are looking for new partners in this work.


Sustainability is key to successful implementation and scaling. Sustainability is a two-sided coin. We need to maximize and expand opportunities for health care reimbursement, starting with Medicaid. We now have a HealthySteps Medicaid Billing Guide that we are using with existing and new sites to support them with maximizing their Medicaid billing and reimbursement. 

Return on Investment:
The other side of the sustainability coin is demonstrating the substantial return on investment HealthySteps creates. The HealthySteps National office at Zero to three has a newly developed tool for calculating cost-savings. 

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